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Anyway,it doesn’t matter. I don’t have time for those kind of things anymore.

((Sorry for the lack of updates guys,I was busy with commissions and other stuff,haha. Anyway if there are other questions for Tenko,send them now ‘cause the arc ended so the time is up!))

Therefore,I’m perfect.

Anyway,I’m back on business so send questions I guess.

I made this chocolate but I’m gonna eat it :T

Happy (late) Valentines day to everyone.

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It wasn’t for a defeat,dear anon. It was becAUSE A FUCKING BRAT WAS JEALOUS OF IT!

whiskash: Hey, i've just seen your gif image and i think you're so talented.! What program do you use to make it? Thanks :)

Ooc: Waah,thanks ;v;. I use Photoshop for everything. If you can’t draw on PS because it crashes too much, draw and color all the frames in SAI,save as psd and use PS just for animate it (I’ve worked that way until 6 months ago). I hope it helps °v°.